Top 5 Mobile Device Attacks You Need to Watch Out For

In 2020, approximately 36.5% of organizations were impacted by mobile malware and 2.5 million people unknowingly downloaded multiple mobile adware apps. It’s important to start treating mobile devices in the same way as you do computers when it comes to their security.

Signs That Your Computer May Be Infected with Malware

The longer that malware sits on your system unchecked, the more damage it can do. Early detection is key so you can disconnect an infected device from your network and have it properly cleaned by a professional.
Keep an eye out for these key warning signs of malware infection so you can jump into action and reduce your risk.

5 Things You Should Never Do on a Work Computer

It’s a bad idea to mix work and personal, no matter how much more convenient it is to use your work PC for a personal task during the day. You can end up getting reprimanded, causing a data breach at your company, or possibly losing your job. Here are several things you should never do on your work PC.

4 Interesting Cloud Storage Trends to Watch for in 2022

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With today’s hybrid teams that may be working from home and be hundreds or thousands of miles away from co-workers, it’s important to centrally locate files in cloud systems that can be accessed by everyone.
What can you expect to see in the cloud storage market this year? Here are some of the most interesting trends to keep an eye on.

6 Ways to Combat Social Phishing Attacks

Phishing over social media often tricks the victim because they’re socializing and not looking for phishing scams. Here are several ways you can secure your social media use to avoid these types of covert attacks.